About us

The company bleuvert was founded in 1995. The company's first store at 106 Delphron street, in collaboration with the most famous brands of the time, managed to gain the trust of its customers not only for the excellent quality of its goods but also for the impeccable service to customers.

This was also his mouth-to-mouth advertising very quickly became known and did not delay the creation of the second bleuvert shop on Papanastasiou Street in March 1998.

Since 2007, bleuvert has decided to cooperate and distribute exclusively from its stores merchandise of one of the most developing and innovative companies in Greece, the attrattivo. At the same time, another new shop was opened in western Thessaloniki in Eyosmos at 25 Evangelismos Theotokou Street.

Today, besides stores, bleuvert, continuing its effort to better serve its customers and with the help of new technology, strives to provide a fuller and fuller update to its customers as well as to other Internet users.